• Wildlife you don't have to search for!
  • 22nd June 2014

  • We took a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award expedition up into the hills around Llandovery this weekend. The weather was superb and the scenery stunning... walking through beautiful wooded valleys and over majestic heather covered hills.

    In the evening we set up our tents in a peaceful campsite nestled under the trees beside a gently flowing river...

    ... but we weren't alone. The campsite was also home to millions of tiny, biting midges.

    Female culicoides midges feeding on my arm

    After 10 minutes my arm was covered in ugly swellings... but it wasn't as bad as it looks. After the first nip I didn't feel anything and within an hour they were gone leaving just a few red blotches.

    Of course if you wear the right gear you can avoid getting bitten and look stylish at the same time!