• Median Farm Moth Survey
  • 4th June 2015

  • Chris Manley, George Tordorff and myself carried out a survey of the invertebrates on Median Farm Nature Reserve, Carmarthenshire to investigate how successful the winter conservation activies had been in improving the habitat. The results were very encouraging with well over 100 species of moth recorded together with various other wildlife, much of which would be in serious trouble without reserves like this. Below are photos of some of the moths we recorded:

    Alder Kitten moth (Furcula bicuspis)
    Alder Kitten moth(Furcula bicuspis).

    Marbled Brown moth (Drymonia dodonaea)
    Marbled Brown moth (Drymonia dodonaea) hiding in a dead thistle

    Alder moth (Acronicta alni)
    Alder Moth.

    Golden Y moth face (Autographa pulchrina)
    Beautiful Golden Y (Autographa pulchrina) face.

    Golden Y moth (Autographa pulchrina)
    Beautiful Golden Y (Autographa pulchrina).