Talks and Slideshows

Below is a list of talks I give based on my experience of photographing wildlife around the world. They generally last about an hour but I am happy to adapt both length and content to suit particular needs.

The talks are free to organisations I belong to (click here for a list), for other organisations there is a charge of £30.00
(plus travelling expenses if more than 25 miles from my home base.)

PLEASE NOTE: I'm currently based in Egypt and so am unlikely to be able to give talks in other countries.

List of Available Talks

  • African Wildlife

  • Australian Wildlife

  • New Zealand Wildlife

  • Wildlife of Borneo

  • Wildlife of Costa Rica

  • Wildlife of Kenya

  • Wildlife of Madagascar

  • Wildlife of Malaysia

  • Wildlife of Sri Lanka

  • Wildlife of Thailand

  • Wildlife of The Indian Sub-continent

  • Uganda, more than just Gorillas and Chimps

  • British Invertebrate Life

  • British Butterflies, Moths and their Caterpillars

  • Butterflies and Moths around the World

  • Primates around the World

  • Invertebrates around the World

  • Photographing Mammals around the World

  • Amphibians and Reptiles around the World

  • Bird Photography around the World

  • Birding in Thailand

  • If you are interested in booking one of the talks above or would like to discuss an alternative, please enter your details in the contact form, and I will get in touch as soon as I can.