If you're interested in buying any of my photos they're available in a variety different formats. You can choose between high resolution digital images for either personal or commercial use, prints and canvases. The various options are listed below:

Please note, Prints and Canvases are only available when I'm home in the UK... contact me here for details.
If you would like a print of one or more of the photos I can provide these in a variety of different sizes on high quality photgraphic paper. Prices below include post and packing:

25 x 20cm / 10" x 8" - £25.00
30 x 20cm / 12" x 8"(A4) - £30.00
25 x 20cm / 16" x 12" - £40.00
25 x 20cm / 30" x 20" - £60.00
152 x 60cm / 60" x 24" - £80.00

Other sizes are available including custom printing to customer requirements. Prices are discounted for multiple orders. Click here to request more details or place an order.

Digital Images
All the photos are available as digital images. High resolution images can be used as screen-savers, desktop backgrounds or printed out for display.

Digital images are provided via download, prices are:

Single Hi-res Image - £30.0
5 Hi-res Images - £75.00
10 Hi-res Images - £120.00
20 or more Hi-res Images - £10.00 each

To order just click here and complete the form with details of your requirements.

You can also buy photos on wrapped canvas or framed. Prices for wrapped canvas are:

25 x 20cm / 10" x 8" - £50.00
30 x 20cm / 12" x 8"(A4) - £60.00
40 x 30cm / 16" x 12" - £75.00
76 x 20cm / 30" x 20" - £100.00
152 x 50cm / 60" x 20" - £150.00

Various other sizes and dimensions are available as well as framed photos. Click here to request more details or place an order.

Commercial Buyers
If you are purchasing images for commercial use such as newspapers, magazines and books you should contact one of the following two agencies.
(Prices vary depending on use and can be found on the agency websites):

Alamy Ltd. - Click here to search and download images from Alamy.

FLPA Ltd. - Click here to go to the FLPA website, then type Hugh_Lansdown into the search bar to view my images.

If you would like to know more about commercial buying, click here and enter your details and I will get back to you as soon as I can.