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Hugh Lansdown in Taksin Maharat National Park, Thailand

My name is Hugh Lansdown and I'm a wildlife photographer.

When I'm not travelling the world in search of unusual wildlife to photograph, I am based in Gorseinon, South Wales where I carry out various training and conservation activities.

If you'd like to see some of the animals I've photographed, you can use the menus at the top to browse my galleries. There are sections for mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, insects and spiders, as well as all the different countries I've visited.

If you'd like to know more about my photography and the conservation work I'm involved in you can contact me here...

Latest News

  • Pembrokeshire Coast
  • 24th December 2014

  • Spent Christmas Eve walking the Welsh Coastal Path from Pendine to Saundersfoot. Not a lot of wildlife in the cool winter sunshine, but superb views of the Pembrokeshire coastline.

    Marros Sands in the winter sunshine
    Marros Sands, Pembrokeshire

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions
  • October 2014

  • Just completed two excellent Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Firstly 26 Bronze Award students who coped admirably with strong winds and driving rain to complete their challenge. (click here for photos)Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze group

    ... followed by 23 very capable Gold Award students who made light of their two days of trekking around Gower. (Click here for photos ) Duke of Edinburgh Award Gold group

  • Welsh Amphibians and Reptiles
  • 13th -14th September 2014

  • Attended an excellent course on the Ecology of Amphibians and Reptiles this weekend, where I not only learnt about how these facinating animals live their lives but I also got the chance study them in the their natural habitat.
    Click here for more photos...

    Young Common Lizard (Zootoca vivipara) at Parc Slip Nature Reserve
    Young Common Lizard (Zootoca vivipara) basking in the autumn sunshine

  • Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda
  • 30th July - 1st August 2014

  • The final National Park on my trip to Uganda was Lake Mburo... another savannah reserve but this time with lots of thorn scrub providing cover for species such as eland, impala and topi.

    Topi (Damaliscus korrigum) in Lake Mburo National Park
    Two male Topi fighting... the victor will win the exclusive right to mate with all the females in the herd!

    (Click here for photos of a snake eating a gecko at Lake Mburo...)

  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda
  • 27th - 30th July 2014

  • Finally reached the main objective of the trip... Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in the far south-west of Uganda close to the borders of Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. It took a rough four-hour drive followed by another four hours trekking through lush tropical forest on steep mountain slopes, and then suddenly I was standing 5 meters from a majestic silverback Mountain Gorilla! There followed a magical hour photographing him and his family as they foraged, played and groomed each other. More photos of Bwindi primates here...

    Silverback Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda
  • 25th -27th July 2014

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park, my latest stop is another savannah reserve. It doesn’t have as much wildlife as Murchison but I still managed to get some nice shots of elephants, buffalo and crocodiles as well as an interesting catch on the camera trap I left outside my tent! More from the camera trap here…

  • Kibale National Park, Uganda
  • 23rd - 25th July 2014

  • The latest stage in my Uganda trip was a tough twelve-hour drive south from Murchison Falls on rough, unmade roads to Kibale National Park deep in the rain forest. It was worth it though, as the change in habitat brought a whole new array of species including the enigmatic chimpanzees. Photos from a night trek in the rain forest here…

    Chimpanzee in Kibale National Park

  • More News

    If you would like to see some of the older news articles, please click here  


  • Sunday 22nd March
  • Conservation Work in the Alun Valley, near Bridgend
  • Friday 17th April
  • Talk to the Cardiff RSPB Group on the Wildlife of Costa Rica.
  • 18th - 20th April
  • Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award practice expedition.
  • Tuesday 5th May
  • West Glamorgan Wildlife Trust re-launch
  • Sunday 24th May
  • Leading a Butterfly Walk in the Alun Valley
  • 26th - 30th May
  • Photographic Trip to Dorset and Surrey
  • 30th May - 7th June
  • Butterfly Conservation South Wales New Members Week at Cross Hands
  • 27th - 28th June
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award practice expedition.
  • 12th - 13th July
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award final expedition.
  • 11th July - 19th July
  • Butterfly Conservation South Wales Members Week in the Alun Valley
  • Sat 25th July
  • Butterflies for Beginners event at the Welsh Wildlife Centre
  • Monday 3rd August
  • Flying out to Beijing


  • You can't spend your days out in the countryside photographing wildlife without being amazed at the wonder and intricacy of the natural world. At the same time, the huge threats facing the environment are plain for everyone to see and unless we're prepared to fight to protect it, many of the creatures we admire so much will be lost forever.
  • The Wildlife Trust - www.welshwildlife.org
  • Butterfly Conservation - www.butterfly-conservation.org
  • RSPB - www.rspb.org.uk
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